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The world’s largest asset class deserves time, attention, and careful discussion. The Real Deal’s Salon Series offers exclusive, live interviews in a comfortable salon-style for networking, and expert insights into this compelling market. 

Join The Real Deal and special guests for unique evenings of networking and insights.

Upcoming Salon Series

February 1: Miki Naftali

Join TRD and Miki Naftali for a conversation about the Naftali process, the markets that have his attention, and what goes into walking the tightrope between modernity and classic luxury.
April 4: Gregg Pasquarelli

Join TRD and Gregg Pasquarelli, FAIA, for a conversation about what drives his work, what developers and communities should agree on, and why design continues to be such a driving force in urban expansion.
June 6: Nick Bailey

Join TRD and Nick Bailey for a conversation about his vision for the market - and what values and strategies he sees representing a new generation of industry leaders.

Past Salon Series Speakers

Mauricio Umansky

The Agency

Jeff Blau

The Related Companies

Katherine Clarke

The Wall Street Journal

Vicky Ward


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